Private Guiding

Ian is a well-qualified naturalist and professional guide with a broad knowledge of birds, trees, grasses, insects, the people, cultures and History of Africa.  Perhaps the most significant importance is his deep passion for everything wildlife and Africa related, and his ability to communicate this knowledge and to share it with the guests that come on safari with us.  Ian has travelled to just about every country in Africa and knows all the products intimately.   We believe that having a private guide on your journey greatly enhances the overall experience and adds huge value to your safari.   Ian has also worked with an incredible “tracker” over the past 10 years who has extraordinary talent when it comes to spotting the game and finding the spore to help you track the game on foot or by game drive vehicle.    We look forward to sharing our world with you!

A ‘Walking Safari’ or ‘safari on foot’ is without doubt the purest way to experience and immerse oneself in all things wilderness. An expert walking guide translates nature and its many intrigues into an exciting living world. This is not an opportunity to take close up images and photo’s but rather to learn and breathe the bush around us. It is a journey into the many different things that one never normally takes notice of on the back of a game drive vehicle – the subtle nuances that nature provides us with daily, from a small  Dung Beetle and the description of its lifecycle to the fresh tracks and sign where a Black Rhino has browsed on a particular plant or shrub.  One will often track a specific animal, using the wind and ones senses, your guide will teach you these fascinating skills and will share his and his trackers wonderful knowledge.  Walking in “Big Game” country is both an exciting and invigorating experience!

Ian has a wealth of experience in conservation-based education and he is also a professional photographer.  Private guides have to go through many years of training, gaining experience and firsthand knowledge. Private Guides are renowned for their humor and companionship – as we journey with you we ensure that you see and experience the best of every area and camp and that you come away with a life changing experience. This is validated by the repeat and referral business we garner.  

The term and era of the “Private Safari Guide” first became famous in Kenya, during legendary years of the early Ker and Downey mobile safaris with some of the early characters like Donald Ker and Syd Downey leading and pioneering the way. Film stars and royalty graced the plains of Africa, putting wildlife safaris on the map. Glamour and romance, Africa with all its beauty and splendor were brought to the big screen and have remained etched in people’s minds ever since.